[P2P-F] emergent holoptism as OCL Re: open capital License?

flawer flawer at shareful.be
Wed Feb 6 17:46:14 CET 2013

>  I would hope that granular and modulable metadata assembled
> into contextualized descriptions,

i guess you refer to data explicit ontologies from resources types () 
and from more abstract or meta things (i.e. human values, courage, 
lazyness, etc. i.e. blue, red, etc)

implicit data (i.e. logs in at same time on fridays, etc) would be even 
more interesting to network with.....

for then stablishing preferences of investments or for simplier 
exchanging material things as a excuse for getting in a better human 
relation with certain peers (the machine recommends me to 
invest/exchange with x related maybe unknown peers)

if instead of preferences we say: requirements (to deal *just* with 
"couragous blue" mates), we have a kind of currency.. (flow network is 
perhaps more accurate :) and brings the overlap issue:

> Somehow, I see a variety of [clauses] , amongst other ontologies
> many seem to be taking for granted , of which perhaps certain could
> overlap ?

sure. in (i.e. human values), you shouldn't flow/convert couragous 
points into coward points, or you shouldn't use a shareful coward thing 
if you don't have coward points... or you should be able to clear your 
coward points with courageous points? haha. i guess this depends on the 
owner of the ontology, the relations he allowed that concept to be 
transferable with.

i imagine i am trying subscribing to "courage" and "courage2" flows in 
network x, which are incompatible between them.. owned by different 

i have overseen some more specifications in this direction, but i am... 

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