[P2P-F] open capital License?

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hi Apostolis,

probably not related but chris cook uses the concept of
http://p2pfoundation.net/Open_Capital (more via

my material on money is here http://p2pfoundation.net/Category:Money and
the material on licenses is here http://p2pfoundation.net/Category:Licensing

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Subject: [P2P-F] open capital License?
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If we define the open paradigm as the one's right to access information or
resources, then what is the equivalent ,to GPL, license when it comes to
resources and especially capital(infrastructure)?

(When it comes to capital, open access can be a bit more restrictive, ie
allowing only the consumers and producers to have access )

The gpl license prohibits that subsequent releases of the code as
closed-source. This is a protection mechanism that needs to be used for
capital as well.

Here capital is not an idea, but a material thing that either exists now or
we have a promise for its existence in the future(money).

Has anyone defined a license or a set of rules that need to apply to money
and the existent capital so as to be called open capital?

I think that we are lucking a good rule set when it comes to money.
As I have said in this list many times before, inequalities can arise even
in an environment where all knowledge is open source and all resources are
peer governed
 simply because we have small differences in abilities  and thus a
difference in accumulated value(money) which if it reaches critical mass
could lead again to big inequalities(since money create money).


Sincerely yours,

     Apostolis Xekoukoulotakis

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