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great that you are sharing this with us ...

there are really a great number of p2p facilitation methods (
http://p2pfoundation.net/Category:Facilitation) such as open space,
unconferences etc .. but if you have no experience, then your own design
 should be okay

possible background reading are chapt. 1 (intro), 4 (peer production) and 5
(distributed infrastructures) of the

it's not light reading, so more like something to give them  to go home

chapt. 4 section 11 has about a dozen mindmaps on various domains such as
p2p learning, p2p finance ..

directory of open hardware, http://p2pfoundation.net/Product_Hacking

just in case: most p2pfoundation.net wiki sections have selected citations
that could be used as 'cards' for example,

if you have eur 250 and a return ticket to spare, I could come for a quicky
from Milan where I'm speaking on the 15th,


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Hi everybody!

I am helping to organize a P2P workshop in Tallinn, Estonia on February
16th (hopefully). Although a proponent of P2P practises (I am member of
local Pirate Party and also an open source developer), I have not discussed
P2P as a concept much and I haven't organized a workshop on that kind of
topic before.

I hope you can give me some ideas or references based on your experience.

By now I imagine that the event should be something based on sort of open
room method. First we have an introduction to P2P as a concept with some
notable examples (file sharing, Wikipedia, some real world examples like
recycle societies, protest movements like Occupy etc), then we will ask
participants to brainstorm on new applications of P2P and propose number of
issues, that could be handled with P2P. Then we'd let people group around
ideas and form 2-4 workgroups to elaborate on those ideas for 3/4 hour or
so and make some kind of presentation of their P2P action plan in the end.

Does it sound meaningful? Is there better way to do it?

I'd appreciate if you could suggest me things that you think would "work"
in that kind of context. How to get people fascinated? How to explain the
basics? Any good schemas, lists of P2P principles, videos, essays to give
for reading? Is there something that I myself *must* read before the

Actually, any comments are welcome.

The workshop itself will be quite small, I'd say maximum 30 peole, it will
be held in English and the participants are usually international people
living in Tallinn and same minded locals. It's organized as a part of
series of (Il)legal Aethethics workshops [1].

Myself, I am PhD student in University of Tartu, supposed to research
Plato's concept of soul and education etc but in reality more active in
other areas.

Sincerely "etc"
M?rt P?der

[1] http://ptarmigan.ee/events/illegal-aesthetics-core-workshop

P2P Foundation: http://p2pfoundation.net  - http://blog.p2pfoundation.net

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