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Thanks, Daryl and I would add to your and Naomi Klein's thoughts....transformative education.

And just as a key part of understanding what that might mean on the deeper emotional/social intelligence learning that underlies most of our taught prejudices, biases and narrow ways of seeing problems from only one dominant perspective (though it is not a perspective without worth, just one that often reinforces the patriarchal-capitalism-control connection), I would like to just point out the conversations about these subjects on the internet and here and the ratio of men to women in that discussion.

My argument and it is a difficult one because the conversation is still such a necessary one to be having -- this is inherent in the form/mode and limits of that very discussion in these technologies and one of my main concerns in what will too easily be disregarded, left out and reinforced by them.

And why that is true, how it was historically developed and how exactly it is reinforced in this medium is an essential part not only of transforming education but pretty much doing anything else transforming in the model of how humanity changes its view of healthy and equal societies and Mother Nature herself.

Those heavy metaphors do need to be excavated, understood and taught differently including what the technology reinforces of the very "old" patriarchal paradigm and how that might be done differently.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all on this Planet,
June Gorman

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