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from the same article , about data love

The things that are of infinite value and lie beyond scarcity, cannot be
bought with money. They are love of mothers, the beauty of the sky, the
affections of pets, furtive glances, touch, epiphanies, and singing songs.
They are the endless service and sharing of human to human that makes life

The Telecomix image for datalove: less-than-three, or ❤

On the internet, some activists have named the sharing of the networked
non-scarce infinites: they call it datalove. Datalove is there when you
create Open Source and Free Software, it’s there when you use it, it’s
there when you share knowledge, especially knowledge that helps people use
the internet better and more safely. More controversially, it’s there when
you pirate movies, share books, and preserve that which others would like
forgotten. These things lie beyond any form of money.
Dogecoin as a combination of a mathematically generated, cryptographically
protected form of money and the meme of the moment, Doge. This, along with
Comic Sans, gives it the internet density of a large star. Amaze.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin are some of the things collectively referred to
as the cryptocurrencies. By far, the most important is Bitcoin, which has
been mined the traded around the world for around five years. These
currencies are the internet trying to invent a native form of money. Like
everything the internet does, internet money is over-technical,
over-engineered, probably not very well thought out, hilarious, profoundly
male dominated, and eventually compared to Hitler. I love the internet,
it's my home every bit as much as any geography is, but does it make sense
for the internet to invent a money? What, exactly, is the internet's
poverty? What is cyptocurrency better at sharing than the internet is?

On Sat, Dec 21, 2013 at 5:52 AM, Dante-Gabryell Monson <
dante.monson at gmail.com> wrote:

> https://medium.com/quinn-norton/f3db7e13e6e3
> Analysis of any money, including Bitcoin, tends to be mathematical,
> regulatory, or economic, for obvious historical reasons.
> But, "We ignore the cultural meaning of money at our peril,"
> said Lui Smyth. Digital Anthropologist and Bitcoin researcher at the
> University College of London. In a wonderful post called Bitcoin Is More
> Than Money (As Is Any Money)<http://simulacrum.cc/2013/06/17/bitcoin-cultural-values-and-identity/> Smyth
> starts to explore not the mere what Bitcoin is, but the much richer
> question of what it means.
> For me, accepting Bitcoin contributions tangles it up with everything
> money has meant in my peripatetic life, with the ambivalence and suspicion
> I have always had with any kind of payment. This look at Bitcoin will be
> personal as well as cultural. It will be about what money means to
> humanity, the history of money, and how the network is making it even
> weirder.
> ...
> In America, even relying on community is a source of shame. The long
> admired idea of the “self-made man” isn't self-made because he's built the
> strong and loyal social connections that will support him, defend him, and
> turn to him for wisdom and affection throughout his long and social life.
> The self-made man is defined as someone who has hoarded enough money that
> he can pay for those things even if he is universally reviled, because
> destitution and need drive others, even if they despise him, into servitude
> to him until he dies, presumably alone.

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