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Hello Silke,
I thought you might like to see Ordinary Wisdom and Shared Power
<http://youtu.be/5lipKokm5-A> -the first of several videos about the
psyCommons that I am producing.

What is the psyCommons?

Around 45% of the UK population have no need of 'mental health'
services. They work and play, bring up children, and care for the
elderly, more or less successfully. What is it they know and do that
makes them psysavvy?

Ordinary Wisdom and Shared Power -introduces and defines the psyCommons,
an addition to the commons of air, seas, rivers and forests - a commons
of vernacular psy knowledge and expertise hidden from us by the mental
illness industries and the medicalization of ordinary human distress.

The psyCommons is a conversation, an ongoing inquiry, to check out
developments and contribute to it see psycommons.wordpress.com
<http://psycommons.wordpress.com/> NB there will be shortly be a
subtitled versions of Ordinary Wisdom and Shared Power in French and German.

Denis Postle


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