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Dear Marina,

thanks for your question, I respond in my own name as I can't respond for
the floksociety

the flok project is funded through a tripartite agreement of the Ministry
of Human Talent, Senescyt (innovation secretariat) and the IAEN public

our brief is to develop transition proposals and policy frameworks for a
social knowledge economy

of course this means that we are operating in contradictory environments;
it is not different from working with EU funds in the knowledge of the
horrible situation that the EU imposes on Greece, or working for the
Spanish govt and its EUR 600k fine for civil disobedience, or the radical
 anti-social oif the  UK govt

the flok society can't be expected to take any positions on current
controversies but as individuals we retain our freedom of speech

I'm not particularly expert on the journalistic situation here in ecuador;
to the degree that the citizens mvt had to act against the oligarchic
ownership of the press it would be justified ; to the degree it silences
democratic critics it would be problematic

our job is to make proposals that create conditions for the flowering of
open commons in every domain, which includes democratic institutions etc ..

on a personal note, having lived here for one month only, it is clear that
there is a lot of democratic debate and critique, both from outside the
govt and from the citizens mvt that are allied with the govt

and there is massive popular support for a got that has been the most
successful in the world in reducing poverty and hence promoted the human
capability to participate in a democracy, even by people who are otherwise
critical of decisions like Yasuni etc ..

also it seems the indigenous segment of the population may be the most
critical (although I have no poll numbers, just several conversations)

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Dear Michael (and others),

I'd love to know more about the relationship between this project, FLOK
Society, and the government of Ecuador, specifically in light of some of
the government's actions against journalists (
http://www.hrw.org/americas/ecuador). How does this square with the work of
the FLOK Society?

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