[P2P-F] Do we know about Linked Data ? Are we interested is understanding its potentials ? Quick survey - Thanks !

Dante-Gabryell Monson dante.monson at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 06:50:00 CET 2013

What would be your answer ? ( reply on this list or in private to me )

*A ) Interested in ( getting to know more about ) its potentials*
*B ) Not interested*


*1 ) Never heard of Linked Data <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linked_data>*
*2 ) Know about it*
*3 ) Actively researching Linked Data
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linked_data> applications ( in support of p2p
4 commons ? )*

( or whatever other replies you wish to give )


Context of my question :

Michel noted that in his view Linked Data has not been a topic with much
interest on the p2pf related forums.

I wish to understand if this is simply because not many of us know about
Linked Data, and its potentials ?

Or is it simply because it seemed too complex or technical to bring it up
on this specific list ?

I know some of us are working on Linked Data applications,
including in support of Sharing Economy applications.

I personally have been interested in some of its applications for a few
years, without being a programmer.  I collaborated with a programmer over
the last years, to explore some of the approaches that can be taken to
create certain applications.


The first aim I have with this email is to have some kind of quick ,
hopefully sufficiently representative set of replies.  It does not have to
be on the public list - you can also reply to me in private if you like.

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