[P2P-F] One-click Micropayment Capability for Volume Solicitations

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Dear Tom,

thanks for the update,

unfortunately, the technical community is not our forte, so I copy my
hacker friend Jaromil who may know how to spread this appeal,

otherwise, if you want to craft an open appeal, we can publish it in the
p2p blog and spread it from there,


On Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 10:58 AM, Tom Crowl <culturalengineer at gmail.com>wrote:

> *Hello Michel,*
> *cc: Frank Grant*
> *attached: One-click Micropayment Capability for Volume Solicitations (and
> multiple providers)*
> I want to give you an important update and a decription of a revised and
> expanded model for one-click micropayments.  Both models present an
> opportunity for a stronger voice for the Commons which extends beyond the
> micropayment itself. *Its also about the network which needs to arise to
> make that possible.*
> This is the neglected element: for the Internet micropayment to be able to
> play the role it must the soliciting side must have a single vehicle which
> can reach many (or all) users.
> (e.g. A "Save the Whales" solicitation that says "click here to give 25
> cents" needs one 'button'... not a separate button for every paycard)
> This is the problem the Chagora model faces... While I actually believe it
> would be better for such a 'transaction landscape' to be universally owned
> and governed... with everyone a member or the same 'landscape"...
> Its not very likely that the financial services industry... or apparently
> people in general are going to go for that... its not likely that I can get
> everyone into a single payment vehicle even if the industry was interested.
> There are a lot of paycards out there.
> *However its possible that a solution exists that can allow both many
> payment vehicles (see below)... and yet have a core which can become the
> avenue for a stronger Commons... *.
> Ironically, the most logical place for this 'core' is in connection to
> something like "ClearXChange"... which was set up by Chase, Wells Fargo and
> Bank of America... (as yo know not my favorites)... and we are exploring
> how it may be best to move this forward... maybe even with something like
> ClearXChange itself.
> But I'd like to see some support for the idea that this user 'information
> and decision" core entity (even though for a narrow area of info and
> decision)... NOT be narrowly controlled... especially by just a few very
> large banks. The devil is in the details.
> As you know I've been at this for quite a while. Its been clear to me from
> the start that this capability offers an opportunity to build a needed
> institution... that will be missed if its neglected. And I don't believe
> its gotten that attention it deserves.
> I am seeking a technical co-founder... hopefully with both the needed
> expertise in areas I lack... but also perhaps with an understanding of what
> I'm trying to do. I'm trying to thread a needle between large private
> interests and the public good. If I can place this public network at the
> heart of the private transaction landscape... I believe it can be part of a
> better balance between public and private interests.
> Maybe I"m wrong... but it seems worth talking about before its too late.
> The devil really is in the details. And the public needs to pay attention
> to the details. Cause its the details that are killing them. The ideologies
> are distractions. *Please support giving the public a role in
> development, ownership and governance of this utility.*
> Regards,
> *Tom Crowl*
> http://CulturalEngineer.blogspot.com

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