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Dear Friends,

This is my first ever "dear friends" email and I promise its for a good
reason. This week I am launching my own weekly Podcast called Intersection
for Aslan Media. This will be a weekly show focusing in depth on the
relationship between the United States, the Middle East, North Africa and
South Asia, in politics, art, business, technology and athletics.

Some of you have seen my recent work hosting the show I produce, Majority
Report,  or doing television appearances. I love doing this work and when I
pitched Reza Aslan on a weekly show for his site, I was incredibly happy
when he wanted to move forward with it.

So please take a listen to the first show which interviews the young
Sudanese author Amir Ahmed Nassr  on his new book My Islam
and Reza Aslan on his new controversial book Zealot along with original
commentary from me on the crises in Egypt.

Please listen to the show, share it with friends and let me know what you
Link Below

My Best,

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