[Centre] Mailing list created

Ryan Bishop ellrb at nus.edu.sg
Sat Jul 16 02:03:27 CEST 2011

Hi All,

Just to say, my NUS account will end soon, so best to use my Winchester account. It is: R.Bishop at soton.ac.uk

thanks much, Ryan

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Subject: [Centre] Mailing list created

Hi to all,
to facilitate the communication among the group devoted to the creation
of the proposal for the "Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in
the Creative Economy", we created this mailing list.

 From now on, write to p2p-centre at lists.ourproject.org to mail to this

People that is currently subscribed are:

  - Jussi Parikka       jussi.parikka1976 at gmail.com
  - Louise Warren       l.warren at soton.ac.uk
  - Michel Bauwens      michelsub2004 at gmail.com
  - Ryan Bishop         ellrb at nus.edu.sg
  - Sean Cubitt         S.R.Cubitt at soton.ac.uk
  - Volker Grassmuck    vgrass at rz.hu-berlin.de
  - Franco Iacomella    franco at p2pfoundation.net

I remind you the wiki space used to create the proposal:

Best regards,

Franco Iacomella

Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy
Wiki space: http://p2pfoundation.net/projects/doku.php/centre:resume

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