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Dear Sean,

I have not yet read your draft, as you perhaps recall, I was off on a
five-day 'Rethinking property' conference here in bangkok, and am returning
to a 300-mail backlog, but I will get to it either tonight or tomorrow

but just one quick reaction to sally-jane's asian energies,

2 thinks actually,

you may want to refer first of all the the thriving 'fair-use open-content'
economy, calculated at one-sixth of U.S. GDP, as proof of pudding that
relaxing IP works and creates opportunities (the success of open geospatial
info enterpreneurship in the U.S. vs. closed licensing models in europe
which create only a fraction of that wealth and innovation creation is a
case study)


second, the Shanzai economy, as an illegal version of open source, based on
communities of shared enterpreneurial coalitions, is huge in China and a key
aspect of its success

see http://p2pfoundation.net/Shanzhai

Not sure if that is mentioned, but the P2P Foundation's is complementary to
the Southampton and the Center through its network of academic researchers
that are uniquely active in the field of IP and innovation ..

On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 3:23 AM, Sally-Jane Norman
<S.J.Norman at sussex.ac.uk>wrote:

>  Thanks Sean. This looks exciting. Is there any way we might emphasise the
> Centre's role in honing UK expertise, opening it up and ensuring it's fully
> tuned to the wealth of business practices on the rise beyond this land? This
> is a key concern for AHRC, ESRC et al who tend to be painfully retarded
> "Creative Britain" thinkers.  Of course we can't say that, but can stress
> the importance of business model diversity for socio-economic
> sustainability, and the ways this Centre might nurture social cohesion by
> revitalising the ethos of the Commons, in a landscape scarred by alienation,
> dispossession, non-identification, etc. Sorry for rhetorical overkill but
> hopefully you get what I mean.
>  It might be useful to allude to Asian energies, which tend to be an
> obsession... The UK as a crossroads for multicultural dynamics and mores,
> inspiring its richly diversified communities with exemplary new business
> models etc. Dunno.
>  LIberate Media - Tim Greenhalgh (Lorraine's contact and usefully
> Southampton-loyal, Brighton based) - has also been contacted and could be a
> good relay (information/ PR vector amongst others). Kirk Woolford would
> readily be part of the Sussex team and has ample soft- and hardware
> development experience, private sector (US/ Europe) and govt. / research
> council/ TSB etc.
>  Am in your old Dundee haunt Thur-Fri  so shall will the walkers onwards.
>  best
>  sj
> Sally Jane Norman
> Professor of Performance Technologies
> Director, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts
> Silverstone 310
> University of Sussex
> Brighton BN1 9RG
> United Kingdom
> www.sussex.ac.uk/acca/
>   ------------------------------
> *From:* Sean Cubitt [sean.cubitt at unimelb.edu.au]
> *Sent:* Tuesday, 23 August 2011 12:21 p.m.
> *To:* Group working in the Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in
> the Creative Economy
> *Cc:* Warren L.; Sally-Jane Norman
> *Subject:* draft
>   I sent this yesterday but the listserver bounced saying I had to many
> recipients:
>  The problem being that we do not yet know the total of those invovled;
> and we have not got a way to articulate the loose grouping so far at
> southampton with the P2P communication channels – Franco: when the bounce
> reaches you, it might be as well to add the people named to the circuation
> for this list
>  I also copy in the two people who will be working this the net phase
> (till 2 september) whie I'm on fieldwork: Prof sally Jane Norman and Dr
> Lorraine Warren
>  I paste the original message and the list f recipients: I sent it at
> 4.00pm BST; only three comments retrned so far, all supportive ; we have
> also got a lot of local partners some listed who have now sent support
> messages, important fpr our tatctical presentation
>  Sean
>  +++++++++++++++++++++
>  Dear Colleagues
>  The team asked me to to a first draft of the EoI
>  I am delighted to acknowledge the generous help of Prof Sally Jane Norman
> from Sussex who has come aboard and been a rock
>  I've also taken the liberty of contacting more potential partners.
> Unfoprtunately everyone else is at the beach - which is why the wild-eyed
> trot got the job of drafting this
>  Absolutely the first draft. I've left space for additions, and of course
> we will have to rewrite as a group
>  I may have put in too much detail on personnel; ad we may need it for a
> more strategic expression in the section on Partnership; colleagues will
> also I trust have theior own drums to beat as to 'orograms of work' - I
> think  the model may be good; and I hope that we reflect the originality
> of he proposal
>  By the way Prof Ian Hargreaves has agreed to come and give a talk at
> Winchester in the autumn term; we are just negotiating dates with lawrence
> Lessig to arrange a dialogue between them. Unfortunately we are not able
> to make their dates coincide with Michel bauwens visit here in december,
> but a ball will be very truly rolling by then
>  Technicalities: I leave to walk the Pilgrim's Way on Thirsday morning and
> will have little or no e-mail access. Lorraine Warren
> <L.Warren at soton.ac.uk> kindly offered to pick up the baton during my
> absence - I shoud be available on the 2nd of September
>  I had thought of posting on the P2P wiki or to Google Docs for editing
> but
> with so many hands, I'm not sure whether that is the best way:
> recommendations would be excellent
>  With thanks
> ]
> Sean
>  Matthews N.S. <N.S.Matthews at soton.ac.uk>; Appleby K.M. <
> K.M.Appleby at soton.ac.uk>; Beales R.M. <richard.beales at soton.ac.uk>;
> Brailsford S.C. <S.C.Brailsford at soton.ac.uk>; Butler P. <
> P.Butler at soton.ac.uk>; Earl G.P. <graeme.earl at soton.ac.uk>; Foster S.A. <
> S.A.Foster at soton.ac.uk>; Harris L.J. <L.J.Harris at soton.ac.uk>; Kling G. <
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> N.Reynolds at soton.ac.uk>; Saxby S.J. <S.J.Saxby at soton.ac.uk>; Warren L. <
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> R.Nazzini at soton.ac.uk>; Hannigan B.M. <B.M.Hannigan at soton.ac.uk>; Reid
> E.S. <E.S.REID at soton.ac.uk>; White W.H. <whw at soton.ac.uk>; Sally-Jane
> Norman <S.J.Norman at sussex.ac.uk>
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