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Franco Iacomella franco at p2pfoundation.net
Fri Aug 26 15:03:47 CEST 2011

El 26/08/11 00:14, Volker Grassmuck escribió:
> Thanks Sean for your first draft and Sally-Jane — Great to meet you
> again! Even greater if we would be working together in this centre! —
> and Lorraine and Franco for edits.

Let's add more contibutions, deadline is approaching!

> Franco, you’re right, we have to agree on a mode of editing. From the
> interaction so far, the wiki doesn’t seem popular, while everybody
> seems comfortable with editing text files. So I would suggest we go
> with that. Please turn on „track changes”.

Ok, let's do it in that way. My worry is that the whole process becomes 
a mess in somepoint, because without a central source a lot of 
derivative versions would be produced. However, with the low level of 
inputs that we are having, that seems not to be a problem :(.

> Franco, your changes can
> only be extracted by a time-consuming „compare documents” procedure.

I attach version 1.05 of the file, in the evil DOC format, with some 
little additions.


Franco Iacomella
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