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Franco Iacomella franco at p2pfoundation.net
Wed Aug 24 19:53:57 CEST 2011

El 23/08/11 08:21, Sean Cubitt escribió:
>> I sent this yesterday but the listserver bounced saying I had to
>> many recipients:
>> The problem being that we do not yet know the total of those
>> invovled; and we have not got a way to articulate the loose
>> grouping so far at southampton with the P2P communication channels
>> – Franco: when the bounce reaches you, it might be as well to add
>> the people named to the circuation for this list

Dear Cubitt,
find attached a 2nd draft version of the proposal, mainly corrected some
typos and P2PF description.

I suggest we use the wiki platform to facilitate the edition of the
proposal. See:
http://p2pfoundation.net/projects/doku.php/centre:proposal. Volker made
a start there, I think we can merge both documents. What do you think?

About communication: would be great if you can provide me the full list
of people involved (with their emails) so I can add them all to the
mailing list.

Best, Franco.

Franco Iacomella

Franco Iacomella
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