[ourproject-public] F a Real Boy" ILLUSTRATED BY WORTH BREHM Cosmopolitan Book

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T. i feel jest like them only i aint got enny horns. September 31.
brite and fair. i have

been scrubed again. i bet they was sum fishooks in that seesand. it
felt so. enyway i am a octerune now and most white. mother says one
moar greecing will be enuf. September 32, 186---the
last time i was greeced i had the itch. it wasent as bad as
this but i remember it well. September 33 186---today i went down
town. i have been away

a long time but the town looks about the saim. Kelley and Gardners
have sole
2 gnifes and Fogg and Fellows have sole sum pipes and a

cuppy Olliver Optics magazene and old Luke Langly has sole a gointed
comb and a tin horn and wagon but in other respecks things look about
the saim. i am glad i wasent away long
enuf for the place to chainge. that wood be dreadful. i herd of a man
onct whitch was sent to jale for his hoal life. bimby they was a new
king in the land and he let out the men whitch was in jale this poar
man was so glad to get out
that he run 9 miles all the way home but when he got home evrything
had chainged. where
his house was stood a methydist chapel and where his frends
house was they had bilt a pest house for small
pocks pashients and where the green house stood they had bilt a glue
factory and where the libary stood they was a slauter house. but in
spite of all these improovments he did not feal to home and he was
verry loansum. so he went back to the king and gnelt down on his gnees
and sed nobble and venial monnark send me back to jale for my friends
are scatered and my house is gone. so the king whitch was a verry kind
harted monnark

sent him back to jale
where he lived hapily many years on bread and water and sumtimes only
water. so i know jest how he felt when i
come down town the ferst time to see if things had chainged.
but they havent mutch. September 34, 186---well o
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