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 of granite, which were dragged to the place on wooden sledges; and, as
they had no cranes to lift the stones

into their places on the walls, they were obliged to build mounds of
sand and rough bricks, and roll up each stone gradually with wooden
levers, until they got it into its proper place. It was terribly hard
work, but there were so many workmen,
and the foremen used their whips so unmercifully, that the walls rose
very rapidly. Now the architect was a cunning man, and

guessed what

the chamber was intended to hold. He therefore fitted one stone in such
a way that it would slide down and leave a hole just large enough for a
man to crawl through; and yet, when you looked at the wall, there
was no sign at all by which the secret could be discovered. Nor did the
architect think it necessary to mention the secret opening to his
majesty, when he showed the

chamber to him and told him that it was as strong as he could make it.
Rhampsinitus lost no time in moving his treasures into the new
treasure-chamber. The key he kept with him
night and day, so that at last he could sleep peacefully, knowing that
any one who wished to pass the solid, brass-bound door, must
first prevail upon him to unlock it. For some time all went well. The
king went to the treasury every morning, and found everything in its
place. Evidently he had been too clever for the thieves. In the mean
time the architect was lying ill in bed,

and day by day he grew weaker and weaker; until at length he knew that
his end was approaching, and,
calling his two sons to his bedside, he told them of the secret way into
the treasure-chamber. "I have little of my own to leave you, my sons,"
said, "and I have but little influence at court; but by the aid of this
secret, which I devised
for your sake, you may become rich men, and hold the office of king's
treasurers for life." The young men were delighted at his words, and so
impatient were they to enjoy
their good fortune, that on the very night of their father's funeral
they stole away quietly to the place where the t
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