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He Timber Beast" Lumber workers are, by nature of their employment, divided into two categories--the saw-mill hand and the logger. The former, like his brothers in the Eastern factories, is an indoor type while the latter is essentially a man of the open air. Both types are necessary to the production of finished lumber, and to both union organization is an imperative necessity. Sawmill
work is machine
work--rapid, tedious and often dangerous. There is
the uninteresting repetition of the same act of motions day in and day out. The sights, sounds and smells of the mill are never varied. The fact that the mill is permanently
located tends to keep mill workers grouped about the place of their employment. Many of them, especially in the shingle mills, have lost fingers or hands
in feeding the lumber to the screaming saws. It has been estimated that fully a half of these men are married and remain settled
in the mill communities. The other half, however, are not nearly so migratory as the lumberjack.
Sawmill workers are not the "rough-necks" of the industry. They are of 
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