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E felt more herself at luncheon, when she sat beside Maud Page in the
dining-hall, with Wollaston opposite. There was a restaurant attached to
the academy, for the benefit of the out-of-town pupils. When Maria went
down to the station to take her train for home, Maud Page was there, and
Wollaston. There was a long time to wait. They went out in a field
opposite and picked great bunches of golden-rod, and the girls pinned
them on their coats. Edwin Shaw was lingering about the station when
they returned, but he was too shy to speak to them. When the train at
last came in, Maria, with a duplicity which shamed her in thinking of it
afterwards, managed to get away from Maud, and enter the car at the same
time with Wollaston, who seated himself besi
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