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Unded peaceful to the tired troops assembled. It required only one
day, however, to find out that the only part of a soldier that got
rest at a "rest-camp" was the stomach.

The hour was almost

10:30 when it was finally decided what area Battery D was to occupy
for the night. C Camp was a tented camp, the tents

being spacious enough to comfortably house about four army cots for a
healthy soldier to rest his weary bones on. The cots, however, were
missing. Battery D was marched down the
main road of the selected area. Halt was made at the
first tent. Twenty-six men were ordered
inside. The remainder continued to the next tent
in order where twenty-six more were registered for the night; and so
on down
the roster, until Battery D was under canvass. The battery cooks and
details were put to work immediately to prepare something to eat, but
a majority of the soldiers either got tired

waiting or else had such a hard job finding what was prepared that
they wended their way through the tented
city and after considerable wandering found the tent wherein they
were to be one of the twenty-six registered for the night. Twenty-six
men and twenty-six packs in one tent. Crowding was

more than a necessity; it was a torture, as was soon evinced when
twenty-six men stretched themselves
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