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And quiet." The mother had only her small, close attic room for her
darlings, and to satisfy all their childish desire
for variety and motion, she had only the refuge of the streets.

She was a decent, godly woman, and the bold manners and evil words of
street vagrants

were terrible to her; and so, when the church
gates were open for daily morning and evening prayers, she had often
begged the sexton to let her little ones come
in and hear the singing, and wander hand in hand around the old church
walls. He was a kindly old man, and the children, stealing round like
two still, bright-eyed little mice, had gained upon his heart,
and he made them welcome there. It gave the mother a feeling of
protection to have them play near the church, as if it were a father's
So she put
on their little hoods and tippets,

and led them forth, and
saw them into the yard; and as she looked to the old gray
church, with its rustling ivy bowers and flocks of birds, her heart
swelled within her. "Yea, the sparrow
hath found a house and the swallow a nest where she may lay
her young, even thine altars, O Lord of hosts, my king and
my God!" And the Shining Ones
walking with her said, "Fear not; ye are of more value than many
sparrows." [Decoration] SCENE III. The little ones went gayly into the
yard. They had
been scared by their

mother's tears; but she had smiled again, and that had made all right
with them. The sun was shining brightly, and they were on the sunny
side of the old church, and they
laughed and chirped and chittered to each other as merrily
as the little birds in the ivy boughs. The old sexton came to the side
and threw out an armful of
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