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Town is big enough, and a good deal too big; for it ruined its builder
and owner, who when he came to die had not money enough left to put up a
decent tombstone at the head of his grave. He had a queer idea that he
would like to have his town all finished before anybody lived in it, and
so he kept on working and spending money year after year and year after
year until the city was done and he had not a cent left. During all the
time that the place was building hundreds of people came to him to buy
houses, or to hire them, but he would not listen to anything of the
kind. No one must live in his town until it was all done. Even his
workmen were obliged to go away at night to lodge. It is a town, sirs, I
am told, in which nobody has slept for even a night. There are streets
there, and places of business, and churches, and public halls, and
everything that a town full of inhabitants could need; but it is all
empty and deserted, and has been so as far back as I can remember, and I
came to this region when I was a little boy." "And is there no one to
guard the place?" we asked; "no one to protect it from wandering
vagrants who might choose to take possession of the buildings?" "There
are not many vagrants in this part of the country," he said, "and if
there were they would not go over to that ci
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