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Siuelie vsed. [Sidenote: The third yeere.] In the third yeere of
Agricola his gouernment in Britaine, he inuaded the north parts thereof
(vnknowne till those daies of the Romans) being the same where the Scots
now inhabit: for he [Sidenote: The water of Tay.] wasted the countrie
vnto the water of Tay, in such wise putting the inhabitants in feare,
that they durst not once set vpon his armie, though it were so that the
same was verie sore disquieted and vexed by tempest and rage of weather.
Wherevpon finding no great let or hinderance by the enimies, he builded
certeine castels and fortresses, which he placed in such conuenient
steeds, that they greatlie annoied his aduersaries, and were so able to
be defended, that there was none of those castels which he builded,
either woon by force out of the Romans hands, or giuen ouer by
composition, for feare to
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