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 left the widow and son without a cent." Mrs. Reed took off her
spectacles. "I want to know!" she exclaimed. "The durned fool! Well,
Appleton Brice didn't have the family brains, ands
he was kind of soft-hearted. I've heard
Mehitabel Dale say that." She paused to reflect. "So they're coming
here?" she added.
"I wonder why." Miss Crane's triumph was not over. "Because Silas
Whipple was some kin to Appleton Brice, and he has offered the boy a
place in his law office." Miss Reed laid down her knitting. "Save
us!" she said. "This is a day of wonders, Mirandy. Now Lord help the
boy if he's gain' to work for the Judge." "The Judge has
a soft heart, if he is crabbed," declared the spinster. "I've
heard say of a good bit of charity he's done. He's a soft heart."
"Soft as a green quince!" said Mrs. Abner, scornfully.
"How many friends has he?" "Those he has are warm enough," Miss Crane
retorted. "Look at Colonel Carvel, who has him to dinner every
"That's plain
as your nose, Mirandy Crane. They both like quarrellin' better than
in this world." "Well," said

Miss Crane, "I must go make ready for the Brices." Such was the
importance of the occasion, however, that she could not resist
calling at Mrs. Merrill's

room, and she
knocked at Mrs. Chandler's door to tell that lady and her daughter.

Burke has as yet arisen in this country of ours
to write a Peerage. Fame awaits him. Indeed, it was even then
awaiting him, at the time of the panic of 1857. With what infinite
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