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 well that it is so, for, without this spirit, there would necessarily
be but little or no advance in the world. The old land-marks would stand
unmolested, forever; and the human family, instead of developing, could
not but deteriorate, from generation to generation. But for the fall of
man, his highest aim would have been such as the angels have, viz: to
see, and to be with God, whose exceeding greatness and glory would tend
to ravish the soul with delight, enlarge its capacity, and yet keep it
at an humble distance, reverent and lowly. But I am stepping beyond my
reach, and will come back again to what is, not what might have been. As
soon as you observe at all, you must perceive what a constant struggle
there is going on here below. Some aim at "fortune's gaudy show," while
others strive to catch the wreath of fame, and crown themselves with
that. Few are so indifferent, unless besotted by ignorance and
degradation, as not to aspire, in some shape or other, to something more
or better than they ever had, or better than others have; and, in this
age of the world--at any rate in this country--money seems to be
esteemed the chief good. Not the miser's money, for, while that is
locked up, and he hoards, and hoards, and still locks it up, it narrows
down the soul, and expunges from it all the milk of human kindness. What
are the orphan's tears, or the widow's groans--what is human suffering
to him? Gold! gold! His precious gold fills the contracted, dark place,
which the soul, made in the image of its Creator, has forsaken, and 
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