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S town, called Walden Pond? One of these days, if I should have any
money, I may build me a cabin or a turret there high as the tree- tops,
and spend my nights as well as days in the midst of a beauty which never
fades for me. Yours with love, R.W. Emerson XCVI. Carlyle to Emerson
Chelsea, 3 November, 1844 Dear Emerson,--By the clearest law I am bound
to write you a word today, were my haste even greater than it is. The
last American fleet or ship, about the middle of last month, brought me
a Draft for Thirty Pounds; which I converted into ready cash, and have
here,--and am now your grateful debtor for, as of old. There seems to be
no end to those Boston Booksellers! I think the well is dry; and
straightway it begins to run again. Thanks to you: --it is, I dare say,
a thing you too are grateful for. We will recognize it among the good
things of this rather indifferent world.--By the way, if that good Clark
_like_ his business, let him go on with 
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