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#211: Loosing editions while switching from group space to user space
 Reporter:  senrof21           |       Owner:  vjrj
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 I have lost editions in documents made in kune while switching from group
 space to user space three times. I've tried to isolate the steps to make a
 complete report of the bug but the problem happened in different

 I use:

   · Firefox 10.0.2 for Ubuntu
   · Ubuntu 11.04
   · In a public network where ports are closed (I do not really know if
 this matters, I will inform if it happen also in different network, if
 not, I will get more information about network configuration)

 First time:

 1. Create document in group space.

 2. Edit

 3. Frequently switch between group and user space by clicking green icon
 that shows that there is new documents changed while editing (and in edit

 4. Realize that I have lost most of the changes in '''two''' documents I
 had been editing.

 Second time:

 1. Edit an already created file in a group

 2. Switch to user mode while editing document (in edit mode)

 3. Notice the lost of editions

 Third time:

 1. Create a document in group space

 2. Edit the document, adding an attached document.

 3. Add other two users to the document.

 4. End edit mode in document. (And copy the text I had introduced just in

 5. Switch to User space and notice the lost of most of the edition.

 6. Copy the text (and see that numbering became bullets and indentation of
 numbering is lost)

 I know is not really concrete information, I hope to notice more detailed
 useful information to report it.

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