[kune-devel] Fwd: WiaB client code usage in the wild (a.k.a Undercurrent in Blogger)

Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado vjrj at ourproject.org
Tue Jan 17 23:53:33 CET 2012

For thouse interested: "Blogger using WiAB client code" :)

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Asunto: WiaB client code usage in the wild (a.k.a Undercurrent in Blogger)
Fecha: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 17:18:26 +1100
De: Patrick Coleman <patcoleman en google.com>
Responder a: wave-dev en incubator.apache.org
Para: wave-dev en incubator.apache.org

Fellow wave-dev'ers;

For those who missed the recent announcement, my current project (Blogger)
just launched threaded commenting:

The reason I'm emailing here though is that all the comment rendering code
uses the Undercurrent wave-panel GWT library.
(e.g. check out the DOM produced in the comments section of that post, it
may look familiar).

I'm aware that this alternate usage may add some constraints moving
forwards with the codebase, so I was wondering if there was a generally
recommended way of sharing code like this - e.g. are there any large
changes planned to Undercurrent that mean I should fork my own copy first?
Alternatively, if there are changes I hope to make, are they likely to help
being submitted into the apache codebase?

If it helps, the main two changes I'd hope to work on for our usage are:
1) Removing the dependency from Blip to Document
- Comments are just static html, so I have a custom CommentDocument for
this, but due to the interfaces it needs to
pull in ContentDocument, MutableDocument and DocInitialization which bloats
the library size
2) Adding an alternative to UserAgentStaticProperties that is actually
dynamic - i.e. removes the requirement to have a different script per user

fwiw, thanks to all of those active in this community that've kept this
code open and nicely usable for such a different feature such as this.

- Pat Coleman

Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado

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