[kune-devel] Trying to install Kune. Problems with Openfire.

Carmen adavideo at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 17:06:47 CET 2012

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to mount my own node of Kune in my computer (a Kubuntu), but
it's being really difficult.
I've been able to solve most of that problems on my own but with Openfire I
think I'm stuck with a dead end.

I was following this manual (Apendix A):

*- Problem 1:* When it says:

Configure the 'Group chat service' (in Group Chat > Group Chat
Settings tab) with "rooms" additionally or instead of "conference" (or
change kune.chat.roomHost in

 I have no idea what are this talking about. I found that in the menus, no
problem, but I have no clue what I'm supposed to do there. I don't
understand the instructions.

*- Problem 2:* After that, I notice that when I follow the next instruction:

Change in 'Server > Server Manager > System Properties':

  provider.auth.className to
org.jivesoftware.openfire.auth.JDBCAuthProvider instead of


  provider.user.className to
org.jivesoftware.openfire.user.JDBCUserProvider instead of


The loggin in that page (the Openfire configuration page) stops working. If
I don't log out I still can use the menus, but once I reset the Openfire
I'll won't be able to log in again. No idea why. May be the connection with
the database doesn't like that change.

*- Problem 3: *Also another step:

Add these lines to conf/openfire.xml and check that the user/passwd of
the db is the same here and in kune.properties (the ones configured


Instead of:




When I edit the document openfire.xml (see attach openfire.xml), I
can't find that tags (<jdbcAuthProvider/> <jdbcUserProvider/>

I tried copying the code between




But when I restart the Openfire server all of it have disappeared and now
we have that tags that I was supposed to substitute with that code:


See openfire_v2.xml

I have tried to substitute them again, but with the same result.
I tried erasing the <connectionProvider> and <defaultProvider> but it just
started the setup from the beginning when I went to the Openfire admin page.

Well, I think that's all (for now). If anyone have any idea
or suggestion about all of this, I'll be very grateful.
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