[kune-devel] Chrome new websocket specification WAS Re: Kune 0.0.9 published (codename “15M”)

Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado vjrj at ourproject.org
Thu Oct 13 23:27:15 CEST 2011

Sorry Thomas, for the delay in answer you.

Most of the issues you commented are now fixed (you can recheck our demo
http://kune.beta.iepala.es), but, there is a big one already open, the
"Connecting" issue.

Seems that it's a problem with chrome and socket.io:
"Known issue, it's because Chrome started using a different WebSocket
specification that Socket.IO is not yet supporting.. @guille is working
on it"

So, I think that you should have similar problems also with any other
WIAB capable server as:

Then I think that socketio-java should be updated to use socketio 0.8.

Can anybody confirm this?



El 15/08/11 13:09, Thomas Wrobel escribió:
> Ok, managed to create a new account.
> + Good popup welcome messages
> - First page I see is my Bio...it would be good if I could just double
> click to edit as that was the most intuitive thing for me to try at
> first.(unless I'm supposed to edit this way....doesn't seem to work
> though)
> - Constantly see a "connecting" icon at the top spinning...might be
> connected to other problems. (I have no other online apps running
> other then Chrome, so it shouldn't be a bandwidth issue)
> -I see a brown line the bottom of the screen constantly...looks like
> the top of a message popup, is it supposed to be there?
> - Actualy, nothing in group space seems editable :( I can open stuff
> fine (works quickly). I can create new Barters and Wiki's, but they
> get stuck on  "Loading..."
> - The user space likewise does the same. I see new Barters/Wikis on
> the left, but nothing can be opened.
> Not much more testing I can do really beyond this. I'll try later in
> case its a temporary server problem.
> -Thomas
> ps. If it helps, I'm using the latest Chrome, XP system, and
> http://waveinabox.net/ seems to work fine for me.
> I also know how to use the inspector/debugger on chrome if this
> problem is unique to me and theres anything I can do to help diagnose.
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> On 15 August 2011 00:54, Samer <samer en ourproject.org> wrote:
>> On Sat, Aug 13, 2011 at 14:26, Thomas Wrobel <darkflame en gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Trying to try this out now, but having trouble with the login.
>>> Couldn't remember my old password (for this email) so I tried to
>>> create a new account with a different email....strangly it keeps
>>> telling me "Error during registration. Account already
>>> exists".....even when I'm using a different name,username and email :?
>>> (is it checking the IP? or is a previous error meaning it cant re-register)
>> Yep, known issue, and now solved:
>> http://kune.ourproject.org/issues/ticket/85
>>> In either case having a password recovering option might be a good idea :)
>> We have this in mind :)
>> http://kune.ourproject.org/issues/ticket/99
>> (feel free to add additional issues you find around)
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>> Samer
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>>> On 4 August 2011 21:05, Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado <vjrj en ourproject.org> wrote:
>>>> Hi there:
>>>> We are proud to announce our new version of Kune, our Wave-based
>>>> project, with lots of improvements and new features.
>>>> http://ur.ly/VHOL
>>>> Why kune 0.0.9 codename is #15M? Well, check http://ur1.ca/4pdju and
>>>> http://ur1.ca/4ujav to know about this social movement.
>>>> We invite you to see our new screenshots:
>>>> http://kune.ourproject.org/screenshots/
>>>> and to to test our demo:
>>>> http://kune.beta.iepala.es/ws/
>>>> Thanks indeed to the WIAB committers for their work.
>>>> Bests,
>>>> The Kune Team

Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado


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