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Fri Oct 7 01:08:14 CEST 2011

#136: Option "Invite user" to my group
 Reporter:  [email protected]…      |       Owner:  vjrj
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 Devin Balkind made a good question: "ok, I have a group, how can I invite
 people to it?" Right now, the only way is telling them by chat and they
 would manually come to click "Participate" (Join).

 Ideally it could be:
 * A button "Invite friends"
 * When I click on it, I see a list of my friends (optionally: not only a
 list, but a searchable list)
 * I can select the people I want to invite there
 * Close dialog
 * They would receive a dialog if they want to join the group (by now, it'd
 be easier to add them directly without confirmation... as we could have a
 queue of invitations).

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