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#170: Simple is better, and I've got a good idea how to do it!
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Comment (by [email protected]…):

 Great idea! I will try to mock something up.

 to your comments:

  * In the far left column, there could an "ungrouped" group, or something
 like that..."general communication" maybe...anyways, the name might be
 tough, but the idea is simple. A group for threads without a group.
  * I guess I didn't realize there would be different kinds of content, but
 the second column could list all those things, and the big column could
 have waves, chatrooms, etc.
  * makes sense for you to prioritize whatever you think is most important.
 A solid back end is very important. However, I don't think a customizable
 frontend should be a priority. I would recommend focusing on making an end
 product that works great the way it is, and add customizing later. It
 seems less important to me than having something that looks attractive by
 default, just works, and has as small a learning curve as possible for new
 users. The ability to customize appearance is not a substitute for
 something that looks good out of the box, and if the product isn't really
 easy to understand and use, then there will be no users around to use the
 customization features.

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