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#170: Simple is better, and I've got a good idea how to do it!
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 I really love what you guys are doing here, but you have a major usability
 problem. Your interface is just too complicated and too confusing, and it
 looks old. When I show Kune to my friends they don't understand it, and
 they think it is "primitive"--which is the opposite of the truth!

 This can be fixed! I have a great idea to make things really simple and
 easy to understand without compromising any functionality.

 '''What if there was only page to interact with and it had three

 1. one narrow column on the far left listing the different groups (one
 group could be "all waves", one group could be "public waves", and then
 whatever groups the user adds--and a plus sign to make new groups)

 2. another narrow column that lists the different types of waves within
 that group (barter, document, wiki, tasks, etc. and a plus sign to create
 a new 'type' of wave)--similar to the one currently on the left, but with
 the ability to add new "types".

 3. a third column (wider) that lists the waves in that group, or the
 currently selected wave, depending on whether a wave is selected (the same
 way it is now)

 I think that would be ideal. Everything would be much more simple and easy
 to understand.

 What do you think?

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