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#169: usernames and group short-names
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 After several tests with people, both Dario and Sara had problems when
 creating the username. Both were insisting to use a name with capital
 letters, even though they were reading the (!) error.

 A similar problem occurred when creating a group.

 I don't know how to solve this, but I have three suggestions. I would
 apply the three, but probably the third takes more time.

 Suggestion 1:
 * ask "Name" before "Username" in user creation. It's more intuitive.
 * ask "Long name" before "Short name" in group creation

 Suggestion 2:
 * In the (!) description, maybe "lowercase" should be in bold?

 Suggestion 3:
 * Maybe we can auto-generate a short-name or username based on the long-
 name introduced before, as a proposal that can be changed.

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