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Thu Nov 10 02:36:53 CET 2011

#152: Proposal: remove top-left "public space" icon
  Reporter:  anonymous    |      Owner:  vjrj
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Comment (by vjrj):

 Yes, it's controversial :)

 I like a lot the metaphor, individual -> group  -> world
 you know, wave inbox is an individual perspective, and we want enforce
 people to be a producer of information, to share, to publish, and not to
 be only a consumer of information, to change people mind from a paradigm
 of closeness to openness, from individual creation to collective

 We want communication "many to many", and in real time, and not only "one
 to one", or "one to many". We want things "reproducible" here and there
 and "transparent" to the world and mmmm, I think a simple preview button
 lost a lot this metaphor...

 Also for me it's difficult to maintain to paths of work, one stable and
 other "under development". For instance, I just added the "Add buddie"
 functionality but till now the button was there explaining "how will looks

 Also I'm thinking in mobile and the ability to move from one space to
 another with your finger...

 Also it will possible to move in the preview, and to click on in (as you
 do in Wordpress) and to jump to the edition space of some content.

 Contraproposal: As in kune at 09 (pre-wave), to have this icon disabled
 when the content is not published (the icon is a world with a red slash
 over it) That should:
 - suggest publish things if they are not published
 - show in a fast way the status of your content (public/not public).

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