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Thu Dec 29 14:42:51 CET 2011

#180: Remove "confirmation email" message after creating new user
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 When creating a new user, a message appears saying that an email
 confirmation will be sent. This causes confusion:
 * A colleague from uni stayed waiting for such email before continuing
 trying Kune. As she never received it, she never continued.
 * Stanislav said "I just registered but didn't receive any email

 I would remove the sentence mentioning the email confirmation, and
 reinsert it when it actually does it. Kune is complicated and confusing
 enough for newbies, no need to add messages saying things it won't do.

 Another possibility is to give very high priority to the email interaction
 and actually send an email confirmation (or at least a welcome email
 notification, without confirmation). That would give people the feeling
 they are trying something that works (as they are used to such welcome

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