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Tue Jan 20 11:26:24 CET 2009

Y más feedback :) El esperado mail de Bastien. El tío es un crack y habría
que tener muy en cuenta sus opiniones (aunque discrepo en varias). De hecho,
junto con Stallman, él es otra muy buena baza para el proyecto (está muy
metido en el tema, en la FSF y como desarrollador...).

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From: Bastien Guerry
Date: Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 14:51
Subject: Re: Finally, kune video-presentation
To: Samer

Hi Samer,

as promised, some feedback about the video.

First of all, kudos!  It looks great and contains a lot of information.
I guess many people will want to test Kune after viewing this.  And now
some criticism:

- the musique is a distraction.  Why don't you use the voice, as in any
 screencast?  Yes, it's hard to do, but it's easier to concentrate on.

- What's the purpose?  Advertisement or tutorial?  It's a bit too big
 and to detailed for an ad, but it is "showing off" too much for a
 tutorial.  I suggest you do a 5 minute ad concentrating all the big
 messages (it's enough to make people want to try) and 5 min tutos on
 specific features or use case.

- Would be better if people could have a better idea of the difference
 with other tools.  What's the difference with a wiki?  What's the
 difference with Moodle?  Drupal? Facebook?  Being free software is a
 difference, it might be enough for some devs.  Usability is another
 one, and the video shows it adequately...  but what other deep diff
 with other available tool ?

- The example of Simone: what is the goal of Simone?  What does she
 expect from using this?  Why is she not satisfied with other tools?

- After 4:45, we understand how to create and edit a space, but we don't
 have a precise idea of how this space looks like for people on the web
 (outside the admin interface) (See diapo 8:32)

- The chat feature looks really great.  The video should demonstrate a
 real use case - in what occasion is that really necessary to chat with
 your group?

- Slides at 10:28 and 10:58 contains a bit too much...  or maybe you can
 underline some keywords to ease the reading.

- I wouldn't put kune is not for you...  even technical reasons are a
 bit too much for such a video.  This is good in a faq, but not in a
 video.  (Again, if you answer the question: is this an ad or a tuto,
 you will naturally strip this kind of slide...)

- About the novelty: speak less about them, show them more!  (You could
 actually show *only* this, that would be appalling enough...)

- Slide at 12:03: still in alpha and... "very advanced"?

- "Community supported": how big the community?

- just wondering: is there a "mailing list" feature (which lets you
 contact everyone in your/other group(s) by email?)

Good job dudes!  Tell me when I can buzz around this on mailing lists...





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