[kune-commits] [Kune - Defect #570] blip link redirects to a kune "Wave in a Box" login page

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Thu Mar 27 14:10:04 CET 2014

Issue #570 has been updated by L M.

Today it appears fixed with broken links (as above):

The link above as register user shows "Problem loading this message." But as annonymous user redirects to register page: http://kune.cc/?locale=es#!signin(kune.cc/w+1e7kzds0z0dfiC/~/conv+root/b+bpIto4DvsKA)

In addition,

Trying with an existing link: http://kune.cc/waveref/kune.cc/w+1qy2v9jzko461KW/~/conv+root/b+1muqc95s12m5lKX

It redirects (as annonymous user) to a signing page: http://kune.cc/auth/signin?r=/#kune.cc/w+1qy2v9jzko461KW/~/conv+root/b+1muqc95s12m5lKX

Signin page http://kune.cc/auth/signin must redirect to http://kune.cc/#!signin(<HERE BLIP LINK>)

Defect #570: blip link redirects to a kune "Wave in a Box" login page

* Author: senrof21 -
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
* Category: 
* Target version: 
* Resolution: 
* Tags: 
the links obtained from "link this blip" url redirect to a Wave in a Box kune login page

*How to reproduce Issue*

* In a Document/wave in wich you are editor, click the "link" button from a blip toolbar. Copy the url bellow "link this blip" text. (blip link example: http://kune.cc/waveref/kune.cc/w+1e7kzds0z0dfiC/~/conv+root/b+bpIto4DvsKA)
* Sign out 
* Paste the copied link in a web browser

*What happens*

1. The browser redirects you to a kune "Wave in a Box" login (see attached image) that:
> * does not allow to register new users
> * allows to login with already existing kune users
2. After login in the "wave in a box" page, it redirects you to kune login

*What I expect*

 The browser redirects to the kune login page

*Other ¿useful? information*

After login in "wave in a box" kune server with existing kune user, the link redirects you to kune login. (to logout from wave in a box kune server you have to login in kune and sign out)


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