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Tue Mar 19 17:16:12 CET 2013

Issue #522 has been updated by Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado.

Status changed from New to Rejected
Resolution set to worksforme

We were/are using gadget without major problems in all of our releases.

Some comments:
1) Why do you compile yourself? Can you try with one of our provided packets?
2) The only issue I remeber was something introduced with gadget height with this issue: 
but it was reverted in our last packages.
3) Can you test your gadgets in kune.cc (that are using the previous packages).

So a "works for me". Please feel free to reopen this.

Support #522: Gadgets stopped working

* Author: Christopher Baldwin
* Status: Rejected
* Priority: Low
* Assignee: 
* Category: Gadgets
* Target version: 
* Resolution: worksforme
* Tags: 
Hi all,

I'm hoping that you can see something blatantly obvious that I've done wrong or missed.

Had Gadgets working in kune_0.2.0+b34_all.deb, after compiling and packaging kune_0.3.0+b23_all.deb from trunk, they all fail.

Did a clean install and clean database, nothing changed.

Google chrome's console shows that it's not able to talk to the cross-domain frame of the widget:
  JS Error - Uncaught TypeError: Object #<HTMLIFrameElement> has no method 'postMessage' [wave-rpc.js:601]

Firefox does the same thing:
Error: TypeError: i.postMessage is not a function
Source File: http://live.brizmun.org:8888/others/splash/js/wave-rpc.js
Line: 601

I'm not sure what else to check - comparing against what's served by kune.cc, I can't spot the difference.

Any ideas?


Example Blip:  http://live.brizmun.org:8888/waveref/live.brizmun.org/w+7vxlbcpl0tsbA/~/conv+root/b+iQna4Ue1HAA
Account/Pass:  testuser / testuser

Server: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS [AWS]
Address:  http://live.brizmun.org/  (jetty on :8888, varnish cache on :80)


Chris B

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