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Issue #475 has been reported by Samer -.

Defect #475: Problems with license tooltip

* Author: Samer -
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
* Category: Group space
* Target version: 
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Right now, the default tooltip in the default group license is:

> (c) kune under license: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

This has two issues:
# The (c) should not be for "kune" but for the group (or the user if it's a user space). Kune should not own the copyright of the contents created in the platform.
# This should be the default license for the contents of the group, but it should be possible to specify a different license of a specific document (in the body of the document). We can allow this simply changing the default tooltip sentence.
# Legally, the copyright notice should include the year to be valid.

Combining the three of them, I'd suggest this new tooltip for groups:
> (c) <long-group-name> <year>, under license (unless specified otherwise): Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

for user spaces:
> (c) <long-user-name> <year>, under license (unless specified otherwise): Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

PS: I'd like to work on this, please specify if you like it with +1

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