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Issue #428 has been updated by Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado.

Priority changed from Normal to Low

Defect #428: Friending myself through an invitation to my email

* Author: Samer -
* Status: New
* Priority: Low
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* Category: User Social Network
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* Alice sends an invitation to her own email
* Alice receives the email inviting her to Kune.cc
* Alice clicks on the link and kune.cc opens
* She was already logged in. 
* She sees a message saying that "Alice" invited her, so she may want to make Alice her friend
* Alice accepts
* Another message appears, saying that Alice is inviting you to be her friend...
* Alice accepts
* Alice goes to her buddy list and sees herself as a buddy!! (check http://kune.cc/#!samer, the last friend is "samer")

Some needed checks here:
* If the person that invited me to Kune is myself, don't offer friending
* If somehow I manage to offer friendship to myself, I shouldn't be able to accept (automatically rejected)
* If somehow I manage to accept, I shouldn't be listed as a friend in my buddy list...

I guess the third check is not needed if we ensure the first two.

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