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Issue #442 has been updated by Samer -.

It's true this is easy (solved commenting line in onEnter in AbstractInvitateAction). However, when inserting an enter in the field, the regular expression is not matched (it expects a list of emails separated by commas... without newlines). I was going to change the regex to accept enter but... are we sure we want to do that?

I wouldn't allow enters if they are not in the regex, as it's confusing for the user why the list of emails is not allowed. Besides, you can always write a list of emails separated by commas and it will jump line automatically, without enters. Thus:
* if we don't want to modify the regex, we close this issue as wontfix.
* if we want, please express it and I'll do so.

Enhancement #442: Invitations should allow multilines and carriadge return

* Author: Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
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* Target version: 
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* Tags: easy
Feedback of @johnarupire (in Spanish):

al momento de realizar invitaciones si no usas el mouse no puedes meter más de una dirección de correo en el cajón, ya que al presionar la tecla intro la invitación se envía y la ventana se cierra. Al abrir la ventana se muestran 3 direcciones como ejemplo y eso da la sensación de que se podría enviar muchas invitaciones al mismo tiempo... 

Hey! aquí si funciona la tecla Intro para saltar de línea! estaría bien que en la ventana de invitaciones pasara lo mismo ;) 

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