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Issue #415 has been updated by Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado.

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Closed, if you think it's not, prease reopen.

Defect #415: French translation

* Author: Vincent Osele
* Status: Closed
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
* Category: 
* Target version: 
* Resolution: 
* Tags: 
Origin: http://kune.cc/#!kune.lists.6511.6406

In french translation, in task action menu, there are _& quot ;_ text instead ' sign in two translated words
* _Marqué comme & quot ;fait& quot ;_ sould be _Marquer comme 'fait'_
* _Marqué comme & quot ;non fait"_ should be _Marquer comme 'non fait'_

And there are (little) grammar error:
* _Marqué_ should be _Marquer_

I saw other _& quot ;_ text in menu. In database, it is certainly overquoted like _& amp ; quot;blabla_

Remark: I add oversapce to show something not interpreted

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