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Issue #444 has been reported by Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado.

Defect #444: Gadgets to an "one click button" in a wave and blip toolbar

* Author: Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
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Comment by http://kune.cc#johnarupire

Gadgets are really useful, I would like to access them through a simple way, like a place in a toolbar of the waves as one click button and some others gadgets in each blip toolbar.

Exemple: (I don't have any technnical idea, sorry hackers) only a user perspective:

Kune have a toolbar for waves and for each blip, I think the first one could be customizable for the users, and I imagine three possibles ways to do it:

In inbox:
0. The toolbar of each wave adds the most used gadget as a one click button in it. Maybe after two or three use. And in the future, the toolbar can remove some of them (one click button) that I don't use. (Some buttons leaving out the standard buttons)
1. I customize my toolbar like I want and I add every button that I use.
2. All alternatives

In group space:
We have a way to access gadget trought a menu and sub menus, no buttons :(   

To blip toolbar: (in inbox and group space)
0. Add a simple gadgets as "+1 , 0, -1" gadget as one click button in it, just together with buttons as "reply", "link this blip" and "detele".

what you think? Is this possible?

Some "complex" gadgets would become in a only one click button to acces to it and customized in the wave, like now. Other "simple"gadgets as +1 would become in another tool in blip toolbar. I used "complex" and "simple" to try to explain me... 

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