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#104: Welcome like Tumblr, in the first visit
 Reporter:  sam <samer@…>  |       Owner:  vjrj
     Type:  enhancement    |      Status:  new
 Priority:  critical       |   Milestone:
Component:  Group space    |     Version:
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 No one reads the first welcome document that explains Kune behaviour.
 Thus, when a new user arrives, faces several issues:

 1) cannot edit anything
 2) cannot do much neither create new stuff. Even if he/she discovers how
 to sign up, the user doesn't know yet how to edit anything.
 3) doesn't realize that the top-left icons exist, so the experience is
 very limited.

 [Bastien tried it for 30 seconds and George for dont know how long, both
 with similar results.]

 Proposal: highlight the initial experience, such as Tumblr (or Flattr)
 does. Guide users to sign-up, guide users to the personal space... give
 for granted no one reads the welcoming doc and introduce Kune's first
 visit with a practical basic interactive tutorial. Idea: start Kune in a
 task list with the tasks that are left to do: "sign up", "visit personal
 space", "create a poll gadget", etc.

 I consider it maximum priority, as it can kick out many initial testers,
 that don't manage in 30 seconds to understand its behaviour.

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