[JoPP-Public] RFC - JoPP#13 OPEN: invitation to open access journals

Mathieu O'Neil mathieu.oneil at anu.edu.au
Wed Jan 2 06:30:30 CET 2019

Hi all

To kick off 2019 positively I emailed quite a few OA journals today with the invitation we discussed back in September.


Timeline is as follows:
OA journal editors contacted: 02 January 2019
OA journal editors’ response due: 23 January 2019
OA journal manifesto/article/editorial/guidelines reprint and editor responses to questions due: 6 February 2019
JoPP #13 issue released: 18 March 2019

There are a few journals for which I could not find contact information in the shape of an email address for a continuing or founding editor. Some have Twitter handles but can only send limited info via a Tweet to (they don't follow me so can't message them).

-The Journal of Open Source Software: I tweeted at them asking them to write me an email telling me who to contact.
-ephemera. theory & politics in organisation: tweeted at them asking them to write me an email telling me who to contact.
-e-flux: no email or tweet.

If anyone here knows a continuing or founding editor of any of these journals (not a special issue editor) please let me know by private email. Alternatively if you know a special issue editor can you please request the name of a continuing or founding editor and let me know?



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