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Sun Nov 18 23:40:04 CET 2007

Radisson Hotel claims 30% cut in energy cost due to ETG u

EnerBrite Technologies Group, Inc.
e TG u

5 point you should be on top of

1. The entire world is concerned about the Energy Crisis
2. Little relief is in site. Corporations everywhere are looking for new
ways to meet the energy challenge.
3. EnerBrite (e Tg U) provides real solutions to energy costs, reducing
them as much as 30%.
4. Florida facilities are already using ET gU's new SensorStat to
provide relief from their enormous energy bills.
5. A planned media campaign next week will be drawing both investors and
brokers to the table.

Penny stocks are everywhere but few have this kind of potential. Read up
the news, consider the market and see just how this could bring you some
excellent returns. Be ready to grab e TG u Monday.

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