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-DNOCFNYY-this is Toyo Piano Factory. Now I am looking for partners all over the world. I am very willing to communicate and cooperate with you. Our price is much lower than YAMAHA, KAWAI, YOUNGCHANG, SAMICK, you can purchase our Toyo piano 125 height model with their 118 height price! Looking forward to your reply!-CTEUZCCX-
-罕硫蔗姬弄悯唇两-125 high piano price is only € 2250 CIF
-捉往痔足做驭芥近-123 high piano price is only€2050CIF
Best Regards from TOYOTO Piano(ShangHai)Co.,Ltd
From the Asia-Pacific region. Originated in Japan,World brand global sharing
Toyoto Piano (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Toyo Piano (Huzhou) Co., Ltd 
Address: 7268 Da Ye road, fengxian district of Shanghai ChinaPostal Code:201402
The sales department :Guan WangMobile phone:86 18149798690 (WeChat)telephone:86 21-51877603QQ:2224053313Email:wangguan at  wangguan at  2224053313 at※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※
Strives for the survival by the quality! Seeking cooperation at reasonable price! By the good faith strives for the development!
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