Select and yank text from Insert mode with `C-o v y` ?

Vasilij Schneidermann v.schneidermann at
Fri May 12 20:52:15 CEST 2017

Hello John,

> I see C-o (evil-execute-in-normal-state) will, from Insert state,
> execute the next command in Normal state. So while in insert mode
> `C-o v` will take me into visual mode and I can select far
> so good. But when I try to yank that selected text with `y`, the text
> is not yanked and there's a literal y in the place where the pointer
> last was.

this seems to be a bug as it works in Vim.  Closer observation reveals
that the state indicator changes from "-- INSERT --" to "-- insert --"
to "-- (insert) VISUAL --" and back to "-- INSERT --" again.  Evil would
need to go through the same kind of states to behave correctly, but
doesn't at the moment.  Instead it, quite literally, only executes the
next command in normal state, in fact if I try reproducing with "i C-o v
l", the letter "l" is inserted, so I suppose the movement you did was
with arrow keys.  Feel free to hand in a bug at the issue tracker.


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