Visual move line down

Aaron Jensen aaronjensen at
Sun Mar 6 19:41:46 CET 2016

Aaron Jensen <aaronjensen <at>> writes:

> evil-visual-restore doesn’t work like it does in vim, in particular, it is
> restoring to include the original first line of the selection as well as the
> text that has moved. In other words, if I select 2 lines, then hit J, 3 will
> be selected afterwards, the selection expands down instead of moving down.

Frank Fischer added which
makes the selection restore properly if I use `:move` as a command, but when I
use it programmatically as in the original function it still expands the
selection instead.

One more issue I noticed:

The operator as defined does not create a new undo step (or whatever it is
called) and instead appends to the last thing I actually did. Is there something
I need to do for that?

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