Possible to bind ESC to a command under motion state?

Shiyao Ma i at introo.me
Wed Jun 8 17:46:01 CEST 2016


I am under _terminal_ emacs.

I'd like to bind <esc> to a command(actually evil-motion-state) when I am
under evil motion state, while keeping other binding, namely, M-0 usable.

Since M-0 sends ^[0 while "esc" simply sends ^[, that's the problem here.

I'd guess the method is the same as how "esc" binding is done under the
normal state, e.g., use a time limit to test whether it's a "esc" or it's a

Why I need this?
It's because, for example, when I do a "c-h c-c c-c", I am dropped into the
help window.
It's in the motion state.

I've been in the habit of unconsciously hitting the <esc> key.


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